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Volume 4, Issue 3

August 1, 2001


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Family Tree Update

Edward Olney 1827-1887

The Ship Hermann & the Manifest (photos)

Anatomy of a Search

Family Favorites - Potato Salad

Photo Questions

Edward Olney


Edward Olney, a mathematician, was born in Moreau, New York, July 24, 1827; the second, of six children of Benjamin and Lucy (Emerson) Olney; grandson of Stephen and Sarah (Irish) Olney, and a descendant of Thomas and Marie (Small) Olney. Thomas Olney, a native of Hertforshire, England, im-migrated to Salem, Massachusetts, on the ship Planter, in 1635; settled at Manchester, near Salem in 1636; was excluded from the colony in 1638, and was one of the thirteen proprietors of Providence, Rhode Island. Edward Olney moved to Michigan with his parents, and by hard work and self determination became a thorough mathematical scholar.

He was a teacher in the Union school, Perrysburg, Ohio, probably 1845—1853; was professor of mathematics at Kalamazoo College, Michigan, 1853—1863, and at the State University of Michigan, 1863—1887.

He was president of the Baptist state Convention, 1875—1879, and treasurer, 1879—1887.

Edward received the degree A. M. from Madison University in 1853 and that of L.L.D. from Kalamazoo college in 1874.

He was married May 7, 1850 to Sarah E. Huntington.

Edward is the author of Olney’s Arithmetic.

On January 16, 1887 he died in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Family Tree Update

We were hoping to have a better update in this newsletter, but do not have all our information in the computer yet.

We now have a total of 28,580 people on the family tree. The Keb side consists of 7,765 of people, the Irish side is at 19,599, the Tubbs side (my husband) is at 561, the Warrens are at 698 and the Detwilers are at 58. We also have 10, 507 so far on another tree (of the Irish side) that we have not merged yet. And lots of information on paper not yet in the computer.

We now know Andrew Keb's family arrived in New York on September 27, 1892 aboard the ship Hermann from Bremen, Germany. We have downloaded a picture of the ship and the ship’s manifest.

We have contacted part of the family that

still lives in Germany, though the correspondence is slow. They do not know English and we do not know German, so everything must be translated.

We have also found information on Andrew Keb’s sister, K. Bishop from Indianapolis. Her name was Kunigunda Keb. She immigrated to the United States in 1884 and in January 1885, married Hermann Ernst Schaefer. They had 4 children. Ernest, born in Dec 1885, William, born in Aug 1887, H. Walter born in June 1891 and another child probably born in 1889 but not living in 1900. In June 1897 she married Joe D. Bishop. They had one child, James D. born in 1899.

Also in the works is finding Andrew Keb’s naturalization papers.

We have recently received information from Anna Keanini, Opal Privett, Theresa Mosinski, and Kristin Shafier to help add people or make corrections in the family tree. We want to thank them for their contribution.

We are still doing research on the Irish side also, but have in the last few months, concentrated on the Keb side, because we were preparing for a family reunion.

After summer is over, we will be into the searching mode again, and researching both sides of the family.

Trips to Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Chicago, and up to Michigan are possible to find documentation for some of the facts we have.


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The Ship Hermann & the Manifest

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Anatomy of a Search

We have two examples of a family search. The first search seemed like we had little information to go on but the search went well. The second search seemed like we had a lot to go on, but after lots of searching, we are still at a dead end.

Andrew Keb’s obituitary, dated October 25, 1917, stated that he had a sister, K. Bishop, in Indianapolis. From experience of looking at lots of obituitaries we assumed the “K” was her first initial. Usually if she is currently married it would say something like Mrs. Joe Bishop.

First stop, the South Bend Library. I looked up any 1920 census in Indianapolis with a last name of Bishop and the first initial of K. I found a census with a widow named Kunigunda Bishop with a son James.

Next I looked up a 1900 census (have not found the 1910 census) for a Bishop with a wife with the first initial K. I found Joe Biship with a child James Bishop, step-children, Ernest, William, and H. Walter Schaefer. From a marriage index for Marian County, Indiana, I found that Mr. Bishop married in 1897 and Mr. Schaefer in 1885.

Next step was to e-mail the Indiana State Library, tell them what I knew and ask them to look up any one piece of information and let me

know the mother’s maiden name. They returned with the information that a Hermann Schaefer married a Kunigunda Keb.

Bingo! Now off for a drive to Indianapolis so I could do my own research. I got more specific dates. I still want to go to the Marion County Library to look up more information, as the State Library didn’t have everything I was looking for.

We will not be looking for her naturalization. Before 1920, according to the library, women were not naturalized and if a women was born in the United States but married a foreign person, she then lost her naturalization. After 1920, many of these women had to apply to be naturalized again.

Our second search was for John Hall and Anna Newberry. They were the parents of Reuben Hall and 3rd great-grandfather to my husband. We had information from others that he died in 1824 and she died in 1868 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Reuben (from Centre Co.) married a Mary Baumgardner in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. Last year Chuck and his uncle searched Centre and Union County for information and grave sites. They came up empty. We had the historical society doing research

and the only thing they came up with was a newspaper clipping saying Reuben and Mary were married by a Rev. Lilly and they were both of the Kishacoquillas Valley.

Off to Pennsylvania again. We found Mary’s baptism but the church is newer and has been moved from it’s original location. We searched many Lutheran churches in the area for their marriage information (as they were believed to be Lutheran). After searching local history we found the Rev. Lilly had his own church on his own land. Everyone called the area Lilleyville, but it is now the town of Alafreta. The records are gone as is the church. The big surprise was that he was a Methodist minister. We could not find any further information in any of the churches.

From a census, we knew they lived in Brown Twp., Mifflin Co., Pennsylvania in 1860. Three of their children died about this time, but after a search of the cemeteries in the area, we could find nothing.

We finally came home after a week. This seems like a brick wall. Was John Hall and Anna Newberry someone’s imagination? Could the information from family be wrong? How can you have so much information to use for a search, but you can’t find a single document to prove it right?

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Family Favorites

Potato Salad

3 lb. Idaho potatoes

3 hard boiled eggs (chopped)

1 rib celery, finely chopped

4 springs parsley, finely chopped

1/2 small green pepper, finely chipped

1 onion, finely chopped

2 tbsp. prepared yellow mustard

1/4 cup vegetable oil

1/2 tsp. Red pepper

Salt and pepper to taste


Peel and dice potatoes and boil until tender but still firm. Drain and cool for half hour. Place potatoes in bowl and add all ingredients except salt and pepper. Mix all ingredients until well blended. Add salt and pepper to taste and refrigerate.

*Tip: Over salt salad just a bit. Refrigeration hides the flavor of the salt.

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Photo Questions

This picture was taken about 1896, probably in Chicago, Illinois.

The child is Everett Waldemar Nelson, born May 2, 1894. He was the son of Hans Waldemar Nelson of Denmark and Selma Olivia Nelson of Sweden

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