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Volume 5, Issue 2

May 1, 2002


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A Computer Virus

Freda Olivia Hagquist 1885-1972

Odd Fellow or Rebekah Research

Family Favorites - Crispy Italian Chicken Wings

Photo Questions

Freda Olivia Hagquist


Freda Olivia Hagquist was born May 2, 1885 in Grafva, Sweden to Frederick Hagquist and Anna Thompson.

She was a very young girl when in 1892 she came to America with her parents. Family legend says that her mother was sick (possibly pregnant) during the boat passage to America. Freda was a friendly, outgoing little girl and loved to be the center of attention. She used to entertain the other passengers on the boat by singing and dancing for them.

On June 29, 1912 she married, in South Bend, Indiana, Carl Oscar Mellquist, the son of Svente Melqvist and Lotta Johansdotter. He was born in Vastergotland, Sweden on February 20, 1886.

Carl and Freda had three children. Russell Carl born February 7, 1913 married Cecelia Margaret Anda and had one child. They remained in South Bend. Wilbur F. was born on November 13, 1915 and married Anne Rasmussen. They had three children and lived in Florida.

The third child was Lucille D. born November 11, 1919. She married Neil E. Geisler and had three children. They also remained in South Bend.

Carl passed away in South Bend, Indiana on February 27, 1969. Shortly after on February 12, 1972 Freda also passed away.

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A Computer Virus

I cannot impress on you enough to back up all of the files you make. Luckily we have found ourselves a very good system. We have a CD for all of our important categories such as the Newsletters, Family Tree, Quicken, Family Photos, Sewing Designs, Finniwig Studios, etc. Then we also have a CD for Chuck’s Stuff and Nancy’s Stuff for miscellaneous files either one of us might make. Every time I make a change on a file that has to do with the Family Tree, the file then gets backed up to the CD. At a minimum it will be backed up once a week. (This habit became ingrained easily with my note-book, as I no longer have enough space on my hard drive to keep all of my files on it all the time.) Another good idea (that we have not done, but will now) in to either download all of your e-mail addresses and favorite sites weekly or to purchase a phone book from the stationary store and keep a hand written copy of all of your e-mail addresses and favorite sites. You also want to print any important e-mail that you do not want to lose. The reason for all this fun. Viruses.

We were hit again in April. This time it was not fun, so pay attention. We were hit first on a Wednesday. We receive a lot of junk mail and just send it to the trash. Well we got one with an attachment and when we sent it to the trash we caught a virus. No problem until we rebooted our computer. Nothing. We were forced to re-formatted the computer and reinstalled every-thing. Oops. Prodigy had updated their program and we couldn’t log on to the Internet. For us, this was devastating as we do a lot of our Finniwig business on the

Internet. We called Prodigy and they had us make several of changes and said they would send us a new CD. Luckily we are in the habit of writing down the instructions when we have to do something. We were up and running again. However we had lost all of our important e-mails.

Thursday. Hit again. Same scenario. An e-mail with an attachment we were sending to the trash. This time we noticed a flash when we sent it to the trash and knew we were hit. This time we printed every e-mail we wanted to keep before we re-booted the computer. Chuck noticed the file name for the virus and wrote it down, but the file name kept changing. This created problems. Again we re-formatted the computer and reinstalled all of the programs. This time he went straight out and got McAfee Virus Checker and installed it. We were up and running again.

Saturday. Hit again. Same scenario again. This time we noticed that one of the first things that happens is that the virus checker is knocked out. So much for a virus checker. We called McAfee and told them about the virus. They knew about it and said that they haven’t been able to stop it yet because the first thing the virus does is disable any virus checker (we found out later that it also corrupts some of the virus checker files). However they did walk us through some steps to delete the virus without redoing the computer.

First, print all the e-mails you wish to keep. Delete all of the e-mails and empty the trash or

delete file folder.

The virus files are always a “wink” file WINK (such as wink2w.exe, wink289.exe, or winkrt.exe).

Go to Start, then Run, type in MSCONFIG, and look for any files that start with WINK. Click on the box so the WINK file will not start (you cannot delete a file that is running). Then go back to Run, and type in REGEDIT, click on Export Registry File, and type BACKUP. Reboot your computer hitting the F8 several times. Go to Safe Mode and click. Your computer will reboot in safe mode. Go to Start, then Run, type in REGEDIT, go to Hkey-

Local-Machine, then Software, then Microsoft, then Windows, then Current Version, then Run. Look for any file that starts with WINK (such as wink2w.exe or winkrt.exe). Delete these files. Then look in Runonce. There should only be the file Default. Next go to Find Files & Folders. Search for any file starting with WINK. Delete these files. Reboot your computer.

If the problem persists (as it did the fourth time we got hit) and Wink files keep showing up, then re-boot your computer hitting the F8 button. Go to Command Prompt only. Type in CD WINDOWS, after C:\Windows> comes up then type CD SYSTEM. When

CD:\Windows\System> comes up then type DELTREE WINK*. EXE then press Ctrl, Alt, Del twice to reboot your computer.

If after doing all of these steps the virus still is there, then you will have to reformat and reinstall all of your programs.

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Odd Fellow or Rebekah Research

In the early days of Odd Fellowship in the United States, lodge member-ship in lodges of The Independent Order of Odd Fellows was limited to white men (membership is now open to men and women of all races). Black men joined Odd Fellow Lodges that were chartered by The Grand United Order of Odd Fellows.

Each Grand Lodge and Rebekah Assembly keeps the annual reports from all of the lodges under its jurisdiction, for as far back as the records survive. The annual report lists the current members and dates of membership change, such as when a member joined the lodge (by initiation or transfer from another lodge) and when a member leaves the lodge (by death, resignation, or transfer to another lodge).

Details, such as what lodge the member transferred to or from, are in lodge records. When a lodge surrenders it charter, its records should be transferred to the Grand Lodge or Rebekah Assembly office (and probably then sit in boxes in the basement). When a lodge consolidates with another lodge, its records should be transferred to the other lodge.

In California, the records are hardcopy, with a microfilm copy for backup. Searching for a name takes time, and the more information provided to narrow the search, the more likely someone in the office will be able to find confirmation of lodge membership.

1. Write to the Grand Lodge or Rebekah Assembly Secretary for the state.

2. The information you need to provide is A) the name of the individual. B) Town of residence. County will do if town is not known, but there can be several lodges in a county. C) Years of residence. D) Year of death. A member may keep membership in one lodge and participate in a lodge in another city as a visitor or an associate member.

3. The information you hope to get from the Grand Secretary is A) the name of the lodge to which the ancestor belonged. B) the mailing address of the lodge that has the records. C) or the current location of the lodge records.

4. Write to the lodge with the records, giving the same information about your ancestor, and ask for any information they can give you.

For general information about The Independent Order of Odd Fellows, write to:

The Sovereign Grand Lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, 422 North Trade Street, Winston-Salem, NC. 27101.

Martha Scope (sister of Clara Scope Keb) became a member of the Rebekah Lodge in December 7, 1909 in South Bend, Indiana. We have a copy of the Rebekah Lodge Booklet dated 1899 that she received when she became a member. As South Bend had a large German population at the time, the booklet was written in German and we have not yet translated it. However we do know it is a booklet on the rules and regulations of the Lodge.

Today the Odd Fellows and Rebekah Lodge are leading fundraisers for such things as arthritis research and eye research.

For further information contact The Sovereign Grand Lodge at 1-800-2335-8358 or the International Association of Rebekah Assemblies at 1-800-766-1838 or go to their web site at IOOF. Org.

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Family Favorites

Crispy Italian Chicken Wings



1 cup dry Italian-style breadcrumbs

1 pkg. (0.7 oz.) dry Italian salad dressing mix

1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 Tbs. chopped fresh parsley

1/4 tsp. coarse-grind pepper

3 eggs

2-1/2 lbs. chicken wings, about 13

1 cup marinara pasta sauce from a jar

1/2 tsp. hot pepper sauce

Preheat oven to 400ºF. Line 2 baking sheets with foil. Coat with cooking spray. In bowl combine breadcrumbs, dry salad dressing mix, Parmesan, parsley and pepper; reserve. In another bowl lightly beat eggs. Cut wings at joints; discard tips. Dip chicken pieces in egg to coat, letting excess drip off; coat with breadcrumb mixture. Arrange on baking sheets; generously coat with cooking spray. Bake until golden-brown and no longer pink near bone, 25-30 minutes. Meanwhile, combine marinara and hot sauces. Serve wings with sauce.

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Photo Questions

This picture, probably taken around 1907 is of Anna Margarete Keb and Henry Hensler. Though not related, their families became related.

Anna b. July 1889 was the daughter of Andrew Keb and Eva Goldstein.

Henry b. abt 1882 was the son of Gotfried Hensler and Margaret Steiner.

Henry’s brother Gotfried, married Pauline Wiegand. Her sister, Henrietta married Ernst Scope. Their daughter Clara Scope married Anna’s brother Peter Martin Andrew Keb in 1916.

It’s a small world.


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