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       Finniwig Studios was founded in 1998 at White Brick School as a two part business. Starting as a hobby, it blossomed into a part-time job to sell the items we make.

     In the Gnomes Hideaway (the woodshop) we make a large variety of weaving items. toys, doll beds, kitchen utensils, bowls and several other items. The kitchen utensils are made by hand of hardwoods, like maple, cherry, and walnut, using spoke shavers and scrapers then brought to a shine with our Finniwig Beeswax wood finish. The utensils have thick handles so they are easier to use and resist warping longer than store bought utensils. Bowls are turned on a lathe but hand finished. Our Finniwig 100% Natural Beeswax Wood Finish in made right here at Finniwig Studios.

     Doll beds are in a variety of styles such as slatted or a rope bed. Other toys include planes, trains, cars, and cannons. Most of the toys are put together with dowels and glue so they are safer for children. They are good quality and also appealing to the grown-up child that likes to display them in the house.

     In the Faire Ring (the craft room) we mostly make doll and baby clothes, though we also make a variety of toys, ornaments, and various accessories. The doll clothes are sewn on a 1950s Singer 15-91 sewing machine. They are for dolls from 10" to 22" including Barbie, Cabbage Patch, and Designer dolls. Baby clothes are mostly from preemie to size 1, though a few may be larger. We also make clothes for bears and beanbag toys and the coverings for the doll beds such as the mattress, sheets, pillows, and quilts.

     We are always learning and experimenting with new things. We have learned Hardinger Embroidery, Smocking, Swedish Weaving and paper making. This year we are going to do candle making.

     Not all items are available all of the time. If you are interested in any type of item, contact us and we can email you a list of what is available.



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Wood Kitchen Utensils






  Doll Clothes Stuffed Bunny

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