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Keb/Irish Family Tree

The Schoolhouse Remodeling Update Finniwig Studios Intro Keb/Irish Family Our Family        We started doing the family tree about 1979. It started slow, with most of the information coming from close relatives. My father's side is the Keb family and my mother's side is the Irish family. As things started picking up, the research got transferred for a time to my mother, since I was working and going to college at night. After I graduated, I returned to the family tree to continue the research.

     On both the Keb and the Irish side we have traced most of the family back to when they arrived in the United States. On the Keb side Andrew Keb  and Eva Barbara Goldstein came to the United States in 1879 from Bavaria, Germany. In in 1879, Ernst Herman Scope arrived from Saxony, Germany and married, in South Bend, Indiana, Henrietta Wiegand, who arrived in 1880 from Prussia, Germany.

     On the Irish side of the family, William Brinker arrived from Holland and married Elisa Powell. Lorentz Jonssan arrived in 1862 from Alem, Sweden and married, in Chicago, Illinois to Selma Olivia Nelson, who arrived about 1871 from Bjurback, Sweden. Going back twelve generations, there was John Irish who arrived form England in 1629.

     Our family tree is kept on the computer using Family Tree Maker. At present, including allied families, we are up to 20,523 individuals. Also in the works, is adding as many photos of the ancestors into the family tree as we can, to give faces to the names.

     Our newsletter, The Keb/Irish Gazette is published quarterly. It usually includes articles about an ancestor, recipes, important dates, games, and stories from others in the family. The content varies with ideas offered or available.

     Could you be part of the family? For more information about the family tree or the newsletter, please contact us.


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