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Keb Family Reunion 2001

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The 2001 Keb Family Reunion was held on August 4, 2001 at the Manion Cabin at St. Patrick's Park in South Bend, Indiana. It had been very hot and muggy all week, but the weather was great on Saturday and we had lots of trees to shade the area around the cabin and pavilion.

This was the first family reunion for us and we were nervous. We didn’t really know what people did (other than visit) at a reunion. Would enough people want to come? Did we have enough things for them to do so they would not be bored and leave? Well, to late to think about it anymore. The time is here.

Friday night Linda Detwiler, Chuck Tubbs and I (Nancy Tubbs) went to the cabin to set things up (didn’t want to be rushed on Saturday). We had about two truck loads of stuff. Wow, that seemed like a lot.

We picked one room in the cabin to be a family information room. Before the reunion, Linda volunteered to make the family tree. It was huge (she had to redo it three times to fit all the names on it). The names covered two tablecloths. We hung the family tree (complete with some pictures) on one wall with a table below it. On the table we put pictures and letters from the Keb family in Germany, a painting of our grandfathers house, pictures of the ship that Andrew Keb came to the United States on, along with the ship manifest, and a picture of the Andrew Keb family and the Ellis Island Certificate. On the other side of the room we had a table with Keb family name word search games, blank family trees for those that would like them, old newsletters, Keb family phone books, picture packets for the adults, and little bags for the kids (containing M&M’s , a miniature book on the Keb family, and some stickers).

In the main cabin room, we had a sign in book, raffle tickets for everyone for prizes, family packets that were requested, and cookbooks for sale.

Saturday we set up the food tables and kids craft table outside.

We had 45 relatives gathered together for fun, games, and visiting.

There were descendents of Peter Martin Andrew Keb, Renata Keb, and Adolph Keb at the reunion. There were also many that wanted to come but for various reasons were not able to attend this year. Some people were reminiscing about old times, while others were catching up on the present, or talking about what they would like to do in the future. The relatives ranged in age from 9 months old to 83 years old. Many of the relatives that came I have never meet before and it was a joy to see and talk to people that we knew only by name from researching the family tree.

There was more food than we could eat. Chicken, hotdogs, a variety of salads and deserts, various types of macaroni and cheese, lots of watermelon and a variety of snack food like trail mix, crackers, and pretzels.. I think everyone brought more than one dish. Nobody went away hungry.

After we ate we got everyone in a circle and passed around a bag of M&M’s for each person to take some. After everybody had some, we told them they had to tell something about themselves for every M&M they took. Should not have been so greedy Gordon Detwiler (he took 37). The game was a lot of fun and it had everybody laughing. We also learned a lot about each other.

Then came a game to see how much they knew about the family. Linda passed out sheets with family pictures on it. You had to guess who each picture was. Good going Theresa Mosinski. She got more people right than anyone else.

Linda also had a jar filled with one M&M for each descendent of Michael Keb (this included step-children). Anyone that wanted to guess the number could take a chance. There were 564 M&M’s and Kurt Dennis won with his guess of 575.

The kids seemed to spend most of their time at the craft table making things. None of the young ones seemed to be bored. Teenagers are different. A family reunion just cannot compare to being at the mall or hanging out with their friends. Though they eventually joined in the fun.

Everything changed though when the game with the mound of straw started. We mixed about $20 in coins and a lot of toys in a mound of straw. All the kids had to do was to find it. Of course we gave the little kids a head start so they had a chance to get something. After a while we let the older kids join in. Then Chuck said “OK the grownups can join in now”. It was probably more fun watching everybody digging through the straw then they were having doing it. I think every kid finished with a couple of toys and a small handful of coins.

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Who took the most M&M’s—Gordon Detwiler

Guessing the names of people in the pictures—Theresa Mosinski

Guessing the number of Michael Keb descendents—Kurt Dennis

Youngest baby— William Mosinski at 9 months won a newest family member bib.

2nd Youngest baby—Italia Fields at 1 year won a baby plate

3rd Youngest baby—Anthony Boocher at 19 months won a baby plate


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