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The Schoolhouse Remodeling Update Finniwig Studios Intro Keb/Irish Family Our Family         We are basically old fashioned. We live in an old schoolhouse, use a woodburner for heat and sometimes cooking, kerosene and white gas lamps for light, still hang our clothes on the clothesline to dry, and have a garden for herbs. It's a slow relaxing way of life, but it's great.

     Mind you, we don't live in the dark ages. I still drive to work in the modern world and Chuck has electric woodworking tools (though he does a lot by hand). We have a few electric lights, and can't live without the air conditioner and computer.

     We just happen to enjoy the relaxation of the old ways. We plan to expand in the near future to a garden for vegetables, raising chickens and rabbits for food, and installing a hand pump for water.

     Our passion (in our spare time) is working in the woodshop or craft room, reading books, working on the family tree or newsletter, or listening to music. We love to travel and see other parts of the country and try new things, such as white water rafting and ballooning. We do caving, climbing, and hiking.

     We also have a cleanup (sometimes mess-up) crew. A male yellow lab, Sundance, and a female black lab, Heather. Anything you drop they will pickup for you (though you may never see it again) and they also pick up the yard (they eat the leaves and sticks). They have also learned how to un-stack our wood pile. They have their own pool, so they also often give you a free shower. They also like to decorate your clothes with muddy footprints. Sundance and Heather are good dogs. Soon they will calm down and we will have to start doing all the cleanup ourselves while they just lay around.

Sundance and Heather

Our clean-up crew
taking a break


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