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Remodeling Update


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     Future plans for the schoolhouse include the bathroom and the kitchen. In the bathroom we would like to put down a tile floor. In one corner will be a tin bathtub with a floor to ceiling cabinet beside it. On the other wall we will have a high-tank toilet and a pedestal sink. Not a whole lot you can do to a bathroom.

     In the kitchen we already have a Hoosier cabinet. We plan on buying either a stove that looks like a wood-burning stove or an early 1900 box style stove. The sink will be a pedestal sink with a real hand pump beside it (we also have the regular facet). Instead of cabinets with doors we want to have open shelves. We are also thinking about covering one wall with a wire mesh for hanging pots and kitchen utensils.

     We have a Michigan basement, but with a cement floor. We have built a storm room down there. It has extra thick studs for the walls under the floor beams for extra support. Inside are shelves stocked with blankets, pillows, candles, crank-up radio, a couple of chairs and cots. This is the place to go during a severe storm or tornado. It is already stocked so you don't have to take the time to bring anything with you, but you can be comfortable while you wait out the storm.


     In the future the woodshop will be completely rebuilt. For now we are just fixing it up so it can be used in the winter. A new coat of roof-coating, new wood on the walls, and a new door will get us buy until next year.

Craft room

     The craft room is actually a third added on garage. We have installed a furnace and a plant window already. Future plans include putting an insulated floor on top of the cement floor, removing the garage door and making it into a wall, and finally installing a sliding glass door that looks like French doors.

     This should keep us busy for a couple of years.




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