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White Brick School

The Schoolhouse: Past and Present

The Schoolhouse Remodeling Update Finniwig Studios Intro Keb/Irish Family Our Family        The land for the White Brick School was donated by two farmers. Originally the school was built of wood. The wood school burnt down and was replaced by a brick school.

     The White Brick School was built in 1878, of three layers of light colored soft brick. It was one room, about 30' by 45', with four tall windows on each side wall and two tall windows on the front wall. About 9 to 12 students went to school there until 1929, when it was closed.

     It has been very thoughtfully rebuilt into a home. The bricks that make up our walkway are street brick from Wabash, Indiana. The front door, with its stained glass, is from a church in Shipshewana, Indiana.

Most of building is still one room. At one end there is a small kitchen and office with a loft above it. In front of the office there is a bathroom with a small loft above it, accessible by a  wooden spiral staircase. We have a wood burner with a chimney that goes 25' up, right through the center of the big room. This helps a great deal with heating because any heat from the chimney goes into the room and not outside. The brick on the floor under our wood burner, is decorative sidewalk brick from Tippecanoe, Indiana. Our ceiling fan is from an old grocery store in Bristol, Indiana.

     One section of the room still shows the original brick and wainscot. We have put an old double school desk in front of it with old school books and other school items on display.

     The office now looks like a turn of the century office (that's 1900s not 2000s). We have put down a wood floor and  wainscot around the walls. It has an old style hanging light and an antique Forman's desk and wood file cabinet. We haven't figured out yet how to make the computer look turn of the century. We have built in bookshelves covering one wall. On another wall we will have family pictures from the 1800s and early 1900s.






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