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White Brick School

The Schoolhouse Remodeling Update Finniwig Studios Intro Keb/Irish Family Our Family          The White Brick School was built in 1878 and is now the home of Chuck and Nancy Tubbs, Finniwig Studios and the Keb/Irish Gazette.

     For more information on White Brick School, a one room schoolhouse, check our the Schoolhouse or Remodeling Updates to see what we have done or would like to do.

     Finniwig Studios encompasses the Gnomes Hideaway (the wood shop), the Faire Ring (the craft room), and the Elfin Forest (the herb garden). For more information check our our Finniwig Studios Intro or go to our Finniwig Studio Catalog from the home page.

     The Keb/Irish Gazette is a family newsletter for the Keb family and the Irish family. Go to Keb/Irish Family for an intro to the Keb and Irish families or the Keb/Irish Gazette to check out our newsletters.

     Last but not least Our Family. Our pets. They wanted to get their word in to. --




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